How to choose the best Crest 3D Whitestrips for you?

Discover the unique characteristics of each product, including its usage time, whitening level and effect. Choose the right product based on your budget, needs, and schedule, and achieve a brighter, more radiant smile with Crest Whitestrips.

Product Name No. of Treatment. Application Time Level of Whitening Enamel Safe For Sensitive Teeth ADA Accepted LED Light
Professional Effect 20 treatments 30 mins 18 levels      
Professional Bright 18 treatments 30 mins 12 levels      
Supreme Pro Exclusive w/LED 21 treatments 60 mins 40 levels    
Supreme Bright 21 treatments 60 mins 28 levels      
Radiant Express 14 treatments 60 mins 18 levels      
1 Hour Express 7 treatments 60 mins 12 levels      
1 Hour Express w/LED 19 treatments 60 mins  30 levels     
Glamorous White 14 treatments 30 mins 8 levels    
Gentle Routine 14 treatments 30 mins 7 levels  
Brilliance White 16 treatments 30 mins 9 levels    
Classic Vivid 10 treatments 30 mins 6 levels    
Sensitive Bright 14 treatments 30 mins 7 levels  
Vivid White 13 treatments 30 mins 7 levels    

Improve result with LED

How Blue light improve the whitening results

LED Blue Light System uses the same type of light technology dentists use. The LED light safely penetrates the enamel surface to weaken tough, yellow stains so that the teeth whitening ingredients in Crest 3D Whitestrips can work more effectively. The result is dramatically whiter teeth compared to using just Whitestrips.

  • Whitens 50% better than strips alone in just three days
  • Safe on enamel using the same whitening ingredient as dentists
  • Lightweight, water resistant, disposable, handheld light weakens stains