Kracie Hadabisei Super Moisturising 3D Facial Mask – Brightening (4pcs)


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Super Moisturising with 3D cutting


  • Made in Japan
  • Contains 4 pieces of mask sheet
  • Generous 30ml of serum
  • Formulated with keratin softening Agent (Lemon extract)
  • Aging-care formula with Collagen to achieve firmer, radiant and translucent skin
  • Larger mask sheet (as compared to Hadabisei masks) covers a wider area of your face, delivering more goodness to your skin.

Key Agent 

  •  Moisturizing Agent (Collagen)
  • Keratin softening agent (Lemon extract) 
  • Penetration accelerration Agent (CHD*)

Why choose 3D mask ?

  • Advanced Penetrating 3D Mask is available in 3 types, Super Suppleness, Aging-care Moisturizing and Aging-care Brightening
  • Three-dimensional cutting adheres closely to face, allowing rich serum to penetrate thoroughly for superior moisturizing effect.
  • To tackle dryness-induced wrinkles, Partial Care, Full Face and 3D masks have been developed to reduce the appearance of dryness-induced fine lines.
  • Mask’s serum is formulated to achieve the most supple mask. (as compared to other Hadabisei products).
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How to use


Wear time:
Use the mask for 5-15 minutes after cleansing and toning your skin.